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  • April 2021

    New work is featured in the virtual exhibition Liminal Beings, opening on April 24, 2021 at Liminalbeings.art.

    Liminal Beings is a virtual exhibition created by participants in the Socially Distant Artist Residency program. The Artists in Residence are exploring the ambiguity of liminal space, while integrating accessibility into both the exhibit’s curatorial foundation and the artwork itself.

    Visit the website for the exhibition and more info about our virtual event series to kick off the launch of the exhibition.

  • March 2020

    Work on View at SPRING/BREAK NY
    I am thrilled to announce that I will be exhibiting at SPRING/BREAK NY's show IN EXCESS from March 3-9. See my work in Fragments of Luxury Curated by Michael Gormley and Charlotte Kent. For more information click here.

  • September 8, 2019

    OtherPeoplesPixels Blog Interview
    Click here to learn more about my practice, the ideas behind my work, censorship, and more. Thank you OtherPeoplesPixels for your interest in my work!

    Work on View in Museum Exhibition
    Sliced Peach with Pearl Necklace (on a Silver Platter on a Rose Gold Sequined Wall) (left) will be featured in a digital gallery in the exhibition Be Seen: Portrait Photography Since Stonewall, juried by Ricardo Reyes and Judith Thorpe at The Wadsworth in Hartford, CT from June 22- September 15. "Be Seen explores how artists have used portrait photography to challenge, subvert, and play with societal norms of gender and sexuality in the fifty years since the Stonewall Riots." #beseenwadsworth

    Interview on Headlining Humans YouTube Channel
    Click here to visit my studio in Brooklyn and listen to me talk about my art, photography, social media censorship, and #whyicreate.

  • February 25, 2019

    Work included in exhibition at Site:Brooklyn

    Cream Doughnut is included in the group show Birthday Suit at Site:Brooklyn in Gowanus. Birthday Suit is juried by art critic, journalist, curator, Benjamin Sutton and runs from March 15 to April 13, 2019. Opening reception is Friday, March 15, 6-9pm.

    "Since at least the 18th century, the expression “birthday suit” has been used to refer to nudity, and it rarely describes a private, quiet sort of nudity. Rather, as the phrase and its frequent uses intimate, to appear in one’s birthday suit requires that one be seen—and the more spectators, the better. There’s something distinctly theatrical about this type of undress. It is neither the contemplative nudity of the classically posed model in a life drawing class, nor a modest or timid type of nudity; it is exaggerated, embellished, celebratory, strange, attention-grabbing, and potentially alarming.

    The artists whose works are featured in “Birthday Suit” are using nudity and the human body to underline and sometimes upend our expectations of how a body should appear or behave. Sometimes this playing with conventions is more formal, with exaggerated or distorted proportions, and surprising materials or colors serving to convey a sense of absence, discomfort, or delight. In other works, figures in their birthday suits confront the viewer in knowing poses and performances. In all of these works, the nude body has an assertive power: rather than standing in for some idealized and airbrushed perfect specimen, these birthday suited figures are reveling in the particularities of their bodies, their unique forms, folds, quirks, shades, and scars. These nudes are not passive; they’re bold, brash, and sometimes bawdy bodies that demand to be seen." -Published at Site:Brooklyn

  • January 4, 2018

    Interview on "Headlining Humans" YouTube Channel

    Click here to visit my studio in Brooklyn and listen to me talk about my art, photography, social media censorship, and #whyicreate.

  • January 1, 2018

    Feature in upcoming GRLSQUASH, Issue 2 SELF

    Images from my Pearl Necklace Series will be printed in the upcoming issue 2 of GRLSQUASH, SELF. Release date is mid-January 2019. You can preorder the magazine by clicking here.

    "GRLSQUASH is a biannual journal about the intersections among food, art, and culture. Our mission is to highlight the overlaps of these worlds with words, images, and recipes from our contributors. Everyone eats, so let’s talk about it!" -GRLSQUASH.com

  • September 17, 2018

    Random Access Gallery Presents: FLESHY FRUIT
    Work from Krista LaBella

    September 28th-Oct 5th
    Opening Reception: Friday September 28th, 5-8pm

    Random Access is pleased to present Fleshy Fruit, a solo exhibition of photographic self portraits by Krista LaBella. Fleshy Fruit consists of digital and instant photographs of the artist’s nude buxom body from her I am Venus series and her new project Pearl Necklace and Other Objects. Channeling classical painting, porn culture, fertility figures, and fat fetishism, LaBella challenges traditional beauty ideals while exploring themes of control, desire and eroticism.

    Ranging from contemporary odalisque selfies where she flaunts glitter stilettos to close-range snapshots of her pendulous breasts draped in pearls or covered in food, the artist objectifies herself on her terms-she is the confident authority of her own image. LaBella embraces the voluminous nude, indulgence, and sexuality through the use of her body as sculpture and as a canvas for sexually playful still life set-ups.

    Krista LaBella received her BFA from Hartford Art School in 2010 and her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2014. She has been interviewed on Art Uncovered with Kimberly Ruth and is the recipient of an Upstart Award from the online women’s magazine Bustle, where she was recognized as an emerging female art-ist. Krista’s work was recently on display at the Attleboro Arts Museum where juror Alex Castro wrote, “Instead of reinforcing oppressive bodily standards, the artist compels us to recognize her majesty, and all within a setting that looks as casual as it does art-historical. Titian’s Venus never seemed this fierce." LaBella has been an artist in residence at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT. She lives and maintains a studio in Brooklyn, NY.

    Random Access Gallery’s exhibitions, performances, artist talks, and panel discussions offer a space for broadening the scope of interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation in contemporary creative practices. Through dynamic curatorial initiatives and inclusivity, Random Access Gallery brings together local, national, and international artists for critical conversations. Random Access is located in the his-toric Smith Hall in Syracuse, New York and is funded through the generous contributions of Syracuse University's School of Art and CASP.

    Syracuse University
    Smith Hall Room 117
    University Place
    Syracuse, NY

  • May 19, 2018

    Venus Altarpiece included in Museum Show

    The uncensored version of my Venus Altarpiece is included in the juried group exhibition Three at Attleboro Arts Museum in Attleboro, MA from June 14- July 13.

    Venus Altarpiece is a triptych of three digital self portraits from the 2014 exhibition I am Venus.

    Left panel: Seated Venus 2 (Boudoir Selfie), 24 x 36”
    Center panel: Untitled Venus (Grand Odalisque Selfie), 26 x 38"
    Right panel: Seated Venus 1 (Boudoir Selfie), 24 x 36"

    For more information on the I am Venus series read here.

    Update June 14, 2018
    Venus Altarpiece won the Juror's Award. From Juror Alex Castro: “Instead of reinforcing oppressive bodily standards, the artist compels us to recognize her majesty, and all within a setting that looks as casual as it does art-historical. Titian’s Venus never seemed this fierce."

  • May 4, 2018

    Hair Down There II and Fertility Venus Selfie included in juried group show

    The uncensored version of: Fertility Venus (Red Couch Selfie) and Hair Down There III are both included in the group exhibition Celebrating Women at Location1980 in Costa Mesa, CA from May 4-May 26.

  • April 18, 2018

    Interview on Art Uncovered podcast, BTR Today

    Listen to me laugh while talking about art, the nude body, hair down there, and more on my interview with Kimberly Ruth for Art Uncovered. Click here for the interview.

  • April 11, 2018

    Hair Down There VI included in juried group show

    Artist book Hair Down There VI is included in the exhibition titled Millenial Show at K12 &TEJAS Gallery in Dayton, OH.

    From K12 & TEJAS:
    "Featuring emergening contemporary artists that were born between 1980-2000. The Millenial Show strives to feature artists that have grown up utilizing the internet and other digital technologies. By exhibiting a range of media, the gallery hopes to create an interesting range of visions, viewpoints, and styles created by contemporary millennial artists. On view April 6-28, 2018. Opening reception First Friday, April 6; 6:30-8:30pm"

  • March 1, 2018

    Venus in VT
    Awarded Artist Residency

    I am thrilled to announce that I will be an Artist in Residence at Vermont Studio Center in August 2018. I have set up a findraising campaign to assist with residency fees and supplies. Be a patron of art- buy and donate by visiting my Venus in VT Fundraiser.

  • January 2018

    Her Pleasure, oil painting, 2012 becomes part of private collection

    The oil painting Her Pleasure from the 2012 Vermont Studio Center series titled Her Pleasure has entered the collection of a private art collector in New York, NY.

  • October 2017

    Small Venus Sculpture included in juried group show

    A ceramic Venus sculpture with fur interior is included in the Small Works exhibition at Lemonade Stand Gallery at The Studios of Key West in Key West, Florida.

  • May 2017

    Ceramic Sculptures featured at Bulletin Broads in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

    I am participating in Bulletin Broads, a summer endeavor with other female artists and brands, partnered with Planned Parenthood NY. An array of ceramic sculptures will be on display and for sale at the storefront on Wythe Ave. Visit the website for more information.

  • April 2017

    Alumni Profile Featured on HAS Website

    Please Visit Hartford Art School's website to see the full profile.

  • November 2016

    Platinum Palladium Venus Selfie included in juried group show

    One of my Boudoir Venus Selfies in Platinum/Palladium is included in the Artist as Maker, Thinker, Feeler exhibition at the Cade Art Gallery at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland.

  • March 2016

    Two works included in group show at Hartford Art School

    My art book, "Hair Down There III" and a small digital Red Couch Selfie are part of the Pink! Exhibition at Silpe Gallery in West Hartford, CT.

  • December 2014

    Krista LaBella Awarded Bustle Magazine's 2014 Upstart Award in Art

    "Bustle’s Upstart Awards will showcase 13 young millennials who graduated in 2014 from high school, college, or graduate school, in categories including art, film, science, fashion, and social good. These individuals chosen by Bustle’s editors are making an impact in each of their industries, sometimes at their first job or a creative venture they’ve launched on their own. " - Bustle

    Media Coverage:
    -Bustle's First-Ever Upstart Awards Will Feature 2014 Grads Making an Impact
    -The Upstart Awards: Celebrating 13 Young Millennials Making Waves, Bustle.com
    -Bustle and Microsoft Celebrate the First Ever Upstart Awards
    -A Woman's Thing, Bustle’s 2014 Upstart Awards
    -Pratt Alumna Upstart Award Honoree, Pratt.edu, Class Notes

  • April 2014

    Fertility Venus 3 (Red Couch Selfie) (2014 inkjet print), included in group show
    Arts & Culture Alliance Presents Knoxville Photo 2014

  • April 2010

    Cover Page Review of 2010 Solo Exhibition, "Oh My God, I think I'm a Feminist!"
    hartfordinformer.com/2010/04/entertainm… Art School Student Analyzes Role of Women|

  • 2008

    Solo recognition as a CT local artist
    Hartford Courant: I towns

  • 2007-2016

    Mundane (2009 ironing board/ knives), Featured on Hartford Art School Website
    -Sculpture Student Work, Hartfordartschool.org