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Hair Down There Artist Books

Hair Down There is a series of artist books that have been created to illustrate different pubic hair styles for women. These are multiple interpretations of reference guides to pubic hair. They are representative of the commodification of the female body, specifically in relation to sex and appearance. Humorous yet deliberate, the Hair Down There series takes the private and makes it public. It calls attention to the choices in appearance which are normally hidden. Furthermore; Each book utilizes book structure and materials in different ways, but both the visual and tactile experiences are carefully considered in relation to the overall theme.

Hair Down There I.
single sheet of folded paper, pen and ink
Hair Down There II.
Stab binding created With paper and thread
Hair Down There III.
concertina book with pamphlets created with paper and horsehair (sewn and glued)
Hair Down There IV.
non-traditional/ sculptural book created with women’s underwear and rabbit fur, metal hangers
Hair Down there VI.
accordion book created with various papers, book board, thread, rabbit fur